Six-month cooling period for granting divorce can be waived.


. “god always has something for you

A Key for every problem

A Light for every shadow

A Relief for every sorrow and

A Plan for every tomorrow

Very Obedient


This is the rich encomium paid to the Court by Master Vibhu, the ten year old son of the appellant and respondent. The little one present in Court today is exuberantly happy and sought liberty to present a handmade card expressing his joy on the settlement of all the disputes and litigations between his mother and father. Their marriage was solemnized as per Hindu rites on 18.05.1997. They have two children – Bhuvi, the elder daughter born on 19.04.1998 and Vibhu, son born on 31.01.2008. On account of marital discord and temperamental differences, they have been living separately since March, 2011. They are involved in various litigations, civil as well as criminal. As of now, twenty three cases are pending before various courts – Trial Courts, High Court, this Court and one before the Consumer Forum.


Anu Bhandari Vs. Pradip Bhandari

[Civil Appeal No. 2494 of 2018 arising out of S.L.P. (Civil) No. 15537 of 2016]

[Civil Appeal No. 2495 of 2018 @ SLP (Civil) No. 2343 of 2017]


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