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meaning of marriage in Indian culture.


Marriage as a social institution is an affirmance of

civilized social order where two individuals, capable of

entering into wedlock, have pledged themselves to the

institutional norms and values and promised to each other

a cemented bond to sustain and maintain the marital

obligation. It stands as an embodiment for continuance of

the human race.

the marriage tied their nuptial knot to bring about the union of souls. The marriage creates a new relationship of love, affection, care and concern between the husband and wife. According to Hindu Vedic philosophy, it is sanskar- sacrament, one of the sixteen important sacraments essential to be taken during one’s lifetime. As a result of marriage there may be physical union between the parties of the marriage for procreation of lineal progeny and for ensuring spiritual salvation and performance of religious rites but what is essentially contemplated is the union of two souls. Marriage is considered to be a junction of three important duties i.e. social, religious and spiritual