Contact Us:


LAW OFFICE PRACHI SINGH                                       unnamed (2)

South Delhi Office:

  • A-381,Lower Ground Floor,
  • Defence Colony,New Delhi-110024
  • Phone: +91-11-40513913
  • Mobile: +91-9811114265

East Delhi Office


6 thoughts on “Contact Us:

  1. pawan

    i am in major problem,my brother wife give threat of dowry case to my family for long time but now me and family distraught for threat of dowry case please help me what can i do pls help help help

  2. Shalini

    Hello mam. Need a help . How to take the maintenance from the husband. My husband is a hard core alcoholic he drinks every day N I have a 2 year old son with me .every nite he abuse N misbehave. Some times in dat condition he take my son away from me.. it’s been going on since last year N now I m fed up with all this. Plz help me out can I claim another house N monthly payment from his side. As I have no other house to live. My parents are dead. So not even I gave my maternal house. So if i will apply the case is there any idea where I can stay. Our marriage is registered. It’s been 6 years. . I m running my shop from home .

  3. bipasa dey

    I want a divorce from my husband…. I have been married for 6 years but things are not going well… His drinking habits are getting into our relationship and he has made it clear that he is ready to leave his wife and not alcohol…

  4. Ritu Sharma

    hi mam i m married since 5 years n ve not been happy with my husband even though its a love marriage but my husband has not been able to understand me my mother in law has been d major reason she kept on creating situations to torture me n finally is able to drift us apart n now even my husband is not understanding me n is ready to leave i m living with my mother now from 8 months as living in laws place was getting mentally torturous i want to go in for divorce can u plz help me in letti g me know how to proceed with it

  5. Nitika jain

    Hi m nitika from delhi.. I hot married 4 yrs before.. I hv a daughter.. My mother in law treated me so unwell n my husband abuse me n beats me.. I want divorce. Plz suggest me how can I take


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