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Criminal Lawyers in Delhi

Criminal Lawyers In Delhi

Criminal Law is the name given to the branch of law that governs an individual’s relationship to the state. It includes the definitions of criminal offences  which are usually established by Indian parliaments or state legislatures. The term “criminal law” also encompasses the rights of an accused and the criminal process, including arrest, release on bail,we, pleas, discovery, pretrial hearings, trials, arguments on charge, evidence, motions, and bail . The main purpose of the criminal law is to set forth the punishment for criminal offenses. In order to prove any crime, no matter how serious, the prosecutor must prove that the accused committed a guilty act with a guilty mind beyond a reasonable doubt. Please read on to find a criminal defense attorney, criminal lawyer, criminal attorney or to learn more about criminal law. see in our pages in practice area.

We handling and contesting for our clients for  the matters of cheating case, property fraud case, banking fraud, accident case, sexual harassment case, molestation with womens,rape case, criminal trial, anticipatory bail,parol in criminal case, criminal complaint, criminal complaint under section 156 crpc, criminal breach of trust,

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